Short-term & Long-term Dog Boarding Outside Calgary

When you’re going on vacation, or whenever you need to be away from home for an extended period, the last thing you need to be worrying about is the welfare of your pet. Whether your dog requires a weekend stay or long-term dog boarding near Calgary, Springfield Kennels specializes in putting your mind, and your furry friend, at ease. Our dog kennels are designed in such a way that your dog will enjoy their time with our dog boarding services near Calgary.

Our Unique Kennels: Dog Boarding Near Calgary to Keep You at Ease

Our facility was originally designed to house the owner's top show dogs before opening as a commercial kennel. Here are some of the features of our dog boarding near Calgary that make Springfield Kennels unique:

  • We offer all the sights and smells of the country, with runs facing out onto a grassed paddock surrounded by trees. We even have the occasional group of deer wandering by.
  • With only 25 pens, we have more time to provide individual attention to the dogs. This means a longer run and playtime (twice a day) in the exercise paddock.
  • We have some of the largest individual pens in the country (up to 24ft x 8ft outside with 8ft x 6ft heated sleeping areas). Dogs can move between their inside and outside areas at will.
  • Smaller, older and more timid dogs are kept in a special area for companionship.
  • Unlike many other kennels, all our outside runs are open-topped to enjoy the sun and have chain link sides so the dogs can see each other. This reduces stress and barking because new nervous arrivals see calm and happy dogs next to them and therefore remain calm; that's pack instinct.
  • A low-odor organic cleaner is used which prevents irritation of the dogs' hypersensitive noses.
  • We maintain a two day minimum stay and limit drop-off and pick-up times to keep kennel disruption to a minimum.

Any new environment can be stressful for dogs, and as such, we ask that you bring your own dog food so your pet is fed what they are accustomed to. We also suggest bringing in a bed, blanket or toy with your home scent on it for familiarity. Please familiarize yourself with the mandatory vaccinations and necessary items to pack for your dog’s stay at Springfield.

Are you curious to see our facilities in person or learn more about our dog boarding near Calgary? We welcome kennel viewings by appointment. Or give us a call today!

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